Taking Your Ad To The World

Take your brand to the world by advertising your offers on Addvert.com

Addvert is a unique advertising platform focused on supporting businesses with expansive ad spaces to target their audience. Advertising has been in existence for centuries, and the procedure of selling and buying has been revolutionized with our emergence on the scene. Traditional advertising method requires putting a call through to the other party before transaction can take place.


However, most buyers do not find this experience interesting as it is stressful and time-consuming. On the other hand, sellers do not find it exciting as well because it requires a huge sum of capital to start due to the need to move inventory and have a robust sales team in place.


Addvert takes off the stress from you as our platform acts as a meeting point for buyers and sellers online. Our platform provides global opportunities for our customers, and we have a transparent pricing plan that shows our potential clients what they are paying for without hidden charges. Searching on our marketplace is pretty simple and straightforward.