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Addvert FAQs

Addvert.com is a reputable online platform that delivers advertising space opportunities from every part of the world from conventional and non-conventional media to new brands searching for advertising platforms. At Addvert.com, our responsibility is to display and monetize advertising space through online directory profiles. We connect advertising sellers who are ready to give out their advertising space with prospective buyers who are willing to purchase the advertising spaces.

Our services help ad space owners to cut down expenses that would have been sorted with media purchasers and big advertising brands. At Addvert.com, our clientele base also include advertising industry experts as we provide them with the biggest advertising space across several parts of the world, in addition to our cost-effective rates. As a reputable advertising brand, we satisfy our clients with our value-added short-term and long-term advertising campaigns at affordable rates.

Users on Addvert.com can create their profile and register on our platform for FREE! This offers them the opportunity to search and book advertising space across the globe. Our website is a user-friendly platform that is easy to navigate by all users. We ensure all transactions are completed within 24 to 48 hours as we have an efficient support team that handles the process.

However, if you are experiencing any issue with booking your preferred space on our website, contact our customer service team on info@addvert.com . We ensure each listing have at least five images, a simple description of the ad space, relevant statistics, ad space location, availability, price and booking period, and target audience.

All users are required to register before buying advertising space on our platform.

Registration on our platform is completely FREE. Once both parties confirm acceptance and payment of advertising space, the advertising buyer is required to pay for the ad space and Addvert.com acts as an escrow in the transaction to send funds to the advertising seller.

We make the process of accessing our platform easy for every advertising buyers and sellers across the globe. As a renowned advertising space marketplace, we also provide help with the buying and selling of ad space, provision of excellent customer support, graphic designs, and production assistance.

At Addvert.com, the buyer or seller may cancel a booking, in a case where the campaign period is less than one month and up to seven days before the commencement of booking without attracting any cancellation fee. However, when the cancellation happens within the seven days of the commencement of booking, the person that canceled will pay 30% of the fee to Addvert.com. This stands as a loss for the late cancellation fees based on the cancellation of the payment for ad space.

On the other hand, in a case the campaign period is a month or longer, the buyer or seller acknowledge the cancellation any time before the booking commencement, after signing the Agreement for Sale of advertising space, the party cancelling the booking will be compelled to pay a fee of one month payment amount to Addvert.com .

At Addvert.com, we automatically generates an Agreement for sale for ad space and sent to the advertising purchaser and advertising seller on the transaction confirmation. The sale of agreement is a legally binding agreement which stipulates the role of both parties.

The Advertising seller is responsible for the provision of correct data about the ad space being exhibited in tandem with the transaction agreement. When the advertising campaign starts, the validation report is done by the seller. However, an in-depth report entails checking and showing pictures of a few crucial areas of the advertising space and showing points with damages. The advertising seller and buyer must see the Validation report.

Buyers FAQs

Joining our platform to purchase advertising space is completely FREE. Users are not required to pay, they need to click on the “Sign Up” button and enter their details to start the procedure of buying ad space. As soon as you choose your preferred ad space, add it to the cart and pay while checking out.

As soon as the advertising space purchase has been confirmed by us at Addvert.com, the advertising seller and buyer will reach an agreement and sign a document called a Buyers Agreement and Sellers Agreement for Sale of Advertising Space. Every advertising production details will be completed and the content will be sent to the advertising seller to showcase the agreed advertising space.

The advertising seller offers correct data of the advertising space in tandem with the transaction agreement. The report is compiled by the seller at the time of the commencement of the advertising campaign. However, a report entails investigating and taking pictures of crucial areas of the ad space and the damages. It is important that both the seller and buyer see the validation report.

Yes. Every restriction and guidelines are well stated in the Addvert.com Buyers and Sellers Agreement for Sale of Advertising Space. It is also important to check with the advertising seller to know if there are extra limitations.

The advertising seller is responsible for the maintenance of the advertising space. However, if the ad space is represented by a third-party media organization, the third-party will be liable for the costs of servicing and maintenance based on the agreement between the seller and the third-party media associates.

Feel free to send us an email through admin@addvert.com. We are committed to providing our customers with full support. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us immediately if you have inquiries or complaints about your transaction.

As soon as we verify that the advertising seller has gone against our terms and conditions at Addvert.com for Sale of Advertising Space, we will make arrangements for the return of your ad space content and other important materials that belongs to you, as well as a refund of the transaction. However, other relevant fees and charges will be passed to the advertising seller in some circumstances.

On our platform, you can buy an ad space in your currency. Ensure you select your currency from the CURRENCY SELECTION drop down menu located at the website top section.

We ensure all ads transactions confirmed are processed within 24 hours. As soon as the transactions have been processed, we notify the advertising sellers immediately. If it takes longer than 24 hours for your ad to go live, feel free to send us an email via admin@addvert.com

Sellers FAQs

Listing your ad space on Addvert.com is pretty simple, and takes five minutes only. You are required to click on the “Sign Up” button and fill the form to register as an advertising seller. However, users are required to insert their login details such as username and password to gain access to the Ad Space Listings in the My Account’s Ad Listing section. Click on ADD ADVERTISING and complete the details form. Your contact details can always be updated on our website. You are free to edit your listing details and ad space availability status at any time.

We are ready to assist you with the best price and advert placement on Addvert.com. You can also start selling your ad space right away. Every seller has the full right to set the price of his ad space. However, factors such as size, placement and the number of the overall ads play a significant role in determining the price. If you are confused and do not know how to start the pricing of your plan, check our directory and search for similar websites in your niche to set the best prices. This can serve as a potential guideline for setting a price for your ad space.


It is important to know the price set by your competitors. It provides you with an idea of the best price to set for your ad space. You can search for related ad space on our platform and check their rates. Ensure you do not set high price or set a ridiculous low fee for your ad space. Gaining an idea of the average price will let you set the best price.


It is important to find the right space for your ad space as it is critical to ad sales success. Factors such as the ad placement, amount of ads placed in the same area, the types of ads, and their locations are important factors that must be considered. Advertisers search for certain factors and these include a strategic advertising allocation plan which ensures the uniqueness of your ad among others.

Offer Standard Ad Sizes if You Can

Your ads size can be any size based on your preference. However, it is better to offer standard advertising sizes and standard advertising space formats. Most of our ad sizes on Addvert.com are of the standard sizes. Most of our advertisers have ads originally created for the standard sizes, and they are likely to buy ad that they have planned for. This is also regulated by most media buyers and advertising agencies in the industry.


Showcasing excessive ads may prevent an advertiser from noticing the immense value of your ad space. Having excessive ads can be a distraction to your target market. This strategy may work for a while but the end result would be disastrous in the long run, as it will significantly reduce your ad space value and adversely affect your ad sales in the future.

It is important to choose us as your ad medium to plan your ad appropriately and the result will be happiness of all parties.


Setting unrealistic prices for your ad space will adversely impact your business. On the other hand, setting lower prices for your ad space would also affect your business negatively as you will be making a lesser amount.


If your ads are properly placed, and they have a good amount of traffic with an inscription “Advertise Here” information on your website, it will not take long before you receive an order. There are various factors that determine how soon you will get an order for your ad space, and this could take a week to six weeks. If you are yet to get an order, try to amend your ads. If you need help about setting the right prices for your ad, send an email to us at admin@addvert.com. We are committed to helping you achieve the best of your ad space.


Avoid making the mistake of raising the price of your ads often; it could lead to loss of revenues as your customers may be frustrated with your pricing packages. Customer retention is crucial to the success of your organization, and increasing your prices will have negative consequences for your brand. Try as much as possible to analyze your pricing plan and carry your customers along in the process. Feel free to send us an email at admin@addvert.com and we will be glad to help you.

As a user on our platform, you can list multiple ads as you wish. You are required to sign in with your user name and password and visit the Ad Space Listing located in the “My Account” section on the website.

On Addvert.com, the advertising buyers and sellers have the opportunity to manage the advertising space listings or transactions from their individual online account. Both the advertising buyers and sellers can view the status of booking requests, and gain access to buyer or seller information, view and download forms and email customer support.

Our platform is created to ensure the advertising seller gets paid. As soon as an advertising buyer completes the transaction, the money is transacted through the addvert.com payment gateway, and the advertising seller will be paid by us. We make sure every seller get paid as soon as the transaction is confirmed and processed successfully.

Sometimes, payment from an advertising buyer can take days to clear. As soon as this payment is cleared, you will receive it in your account balance as we will inform you when the transaction is fully completed and cash paid to you.

When we confirm that the advertising buyer had gone against the laid procedures of the Addvert.com Agreement for Buying Advertising Space, we will make arrangement for the ad space material, content, and other items taken from your ad space. Charges will be paid by the advertising buyer in some circumstances.

The Buyer and/or the Seller may cancel a booking, if the Campaign Period is less than one (1) month, up to seven (7) days prior to the Commencement of Booking without incurring any cancellation expenses. If the cancellation occurs within seven (7) days of the Commencement of Booking, the cancelling party will be responsible for the payment of 30% of the total fees to Addvert.com, which the cancelling party agrees is a genuine pre-estimate of the loss which Addvert.com may suffer as a consequence of the late cancellation, and which amount the cancelling party agree to pay to Addvert.com immediately on cancellation.

If the Campaign Period is one (1) month or longer, the Buyer and/or the Seller acknowledge that if they cancel any time before the Commencement of Booking, after they have signed the Addvert.com Agreement for Sale of Advertising Space, the cancelling party (Buyer or Seller) will be liable to pay to Addvert.com a minimum of one (1) month’s Payment Amount, which the cancelling party agrees is a genuine pre-estimate of the loss which Addvert.com may suffer as a consequence of the late cancellation, and which amount the cancelling party agree to pay to Addvert.com immediately on cancellation.

As soon as the ad space transaction is confirmed and approved, the ad space becomes the responsibility of the advertising seller or the third-party acting as the representative of the ad space on the seller’s behalf. Ensure you notify us as soon as you notice damage on the ad space, and we will offer the necessary information to the advertising buyer for further action. However, in the case when the ad space transaction cannot be completed as confirmed, feel free to send your complaints to our email: admin@addvert.com.

At Addvert.com, we can act as your representative for your advertising space. We ensure a seamless procedure for individuals who cannot handle the aspect of advertising space management. We will find an advertising buyer for your ad space and ensure you get paid promptly. Send us an email at admin@addvert.com.

You can sell advertising space on Addvert.com in your currency. Simply enter the price you’d like to sell your advertising space in your currency when listing your advertising space in your LISTINGS.